Increasing production efficiency

Zyfra MDCplus is a real-time machine monitoring and manufacturing data collection (MDC) system with hundreds of customizable reports and charts that can be used to track jobs, parts, operations, personnel, work centers, OEE, costs, and downtime. Use a combination of our software, hardware and services to transform your production into a digital one.​

MDCplus Features

Monitoring via Web, Mobile and Desktop apps

The MDCplus monitoring system is used to monitor different models and types of production equipment. This is why there are different approaches to data acquisition, as well as different options for connecting equipment to the monitoring system. Data can either be acquired automatically or input manually. A variety of data monitoring sources are supported: standard equipment control systems (for example, NS program optimization) and devices for production environment (for example, machine consoles or collective monitoring panels).

NC Program management

The “NC program management” module can be used to maintain NC program storage, to ensure the correct choice of NC program for uploading to NC units, and to monitor NC program usage in production tasks.

In addition to the real-time monitoring module, the MDCplus monitoring system includes additional subsystems (modules or options) designed to meet various user needs within the enterprise. These subsystems include the “NC program management” module, which is used to load numerical control programs (NC programs) for CNC machines and manage the storage of such NC programs. Providing the basic functions of manipulation of the NC programs (creating registration records for specific NS programs, adjusting and deleting such records), the module can be used as a convenient means of addressing issues around the placement and use of NC program files.

Production Monitoring

The MDCplus monitoring system’s “production monitoring” module is used for recording and processing various data on the production use of machines. To use Production monitoring module in MDCplus directories characterizing products, the parts and technological operations performed on the parts must be filled out. In addition, production plans must be regularly input (shift tasks or workflow charts).

Vibration Monitoring and Diagnostics

The stationary vibration monitoring system is designed for automatic monitoring of the technical condition of metal-cutting equipment.

The vibrodiagnostic method offers a wide range of possibilities both for diagnostics of machine rotation assemblies, particularly the main motion drive (MMD), and for monitoring the production process.

The vibration monitoring system measures the technical state of machine assemblies, compares the recorded parameters with permissible levels and gives notification when permissible level are exceeded.

API connection for external ERP, CAD/CAM/PDM, MES and BI systems

Sending data about orders for production to MDCplus, synchronization of directories.

Sending data about fact of execution shift task and orders to another systems (MES, ERP, e.t.c.).

Connection to specific Machines.

Integration with specific technological software which can be used in Production.

Computerized Maintenance

The “computerized maintenance” module includes “dispatching” and “maintenance” functions. The “dispatching” subsystem is used by service departments in their operational activities to ensure organizational and technical readiness of the company’s equipment and to generate performance reports. The “maintenance” subsystem supports planning processes and supervision of repair and maintenance works, technical diagnostics, and predictive and preventive maintenance of the equipment.

Energy Consumption monitoring

The “Energy consumption monitoring” module is used to collect the required primary information, compile statistical reports, compile the data obtained and generate analytical and auxiliary reports characterizing power consumption by enterprise unit.

Using the “Energy consumption monitoring” module in combination with the MDCplus system’s software and hardware creates conditions for the analysis of energy costs and identification of ways to reduce them.

Video Monitoring

The “video monitoring” section is intended for video recording at selected locations within the production zone (for example, near the machines), viewing images in online video mode and playing previously recorded video. The video cameras must be pre-installed in the production zone and connected via a local network.

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