SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematics

Electrical Schematics kits include separate, easy-to-use electrical design tools that allow you to identify electrical interconnections for complex electrical systems in an efficient manner.

Why Choose SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematics?

Electrical Schematics has an elegant and user-friendly gui that automates complex tasks such as cross-reference contacts and terminal diagrams. It speeds up product development by decreasing the repetitive tasks involved with the design of electrical schemes

Which Simulation package is right for you

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematics Standard

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematics Standard is a single-user schematic design tool that helps rapid development of embedded electrical systems for equipment and other products. Libraries of symbols and manufacturer part information provide common re-usable materials optimize design re-use.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematics Professional

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematics Professional is a suite of collaborative schematic design tools that drive rapid development of embedded electrical systems. Libraries of symbols, manufacturer part information, and 3D component models provide common re-usable materials optimize design re-use.

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Electrical Schematics solutions allow you and your team to simplify the development for machines and other applications of embedded electrical systems.